Betting underdogs

Who really wants to have a better chance to win money in the long term, we suggest you take betting underdogs. Why? The role of the bookmaker is to divide the stakes of its customers so that it can easily handle the losses of the winnings paid users.

Thus, the outsider to favourite games always have a higher rate than is actually the probability is. For the majority of customers relies on favourites – the bookmakers will compensate the unequal distribution now used by advice on the underdog at a higher rate interesting.Conversely, he can give the favourites only a lower rate than the actual probability.

Very good odds on favourite bets

Gamble (Hoyzer, betting scandals, etc.). Fraud is also in the world of sports betting now become a problem. Estimates by bwin in 2009 about 5 billion Euro into in sports betting – so this is an interesting area automatically for fraudsters.Sun referees, players and goalkeepers are bribed with money mostly in the minor leagues – in the game to whistle a penalty or allow easy times a ball to their team loses.

In the background is placed on these events – and earned a lot of money. Nevertheless, not only financial reasons are the cause. It sometimes players are under pressure – for example, by threatening to bring savoury private details such as visits to brothels, homosexual interests and so on.

The first major case that became known in Germany, were the investigation into the soccer referee Robert Hoyzer in 2005. He had occasional games postponed after contacts with the Croatian mafia so that advocated certain desired events.In late 2009, again a much larger extent of match fixing was known. Again orchestrating the Hoyzer affair have their finger in the pie. 15 countries were suspected to be affected.

To report on all of the aspects is beyond the scope here, however. Even today, repeatedly frauds become known (e.g. in Italy and Turkey). If you want to know more about this industry, I recommend the book “René Schnitzler – gamers League” – a look behind the scenes of professional football and the betting mafia – very interesting in any case!

Live Betting – Bet365 and Betfair

You should see it as an entertainment. Since the odds are constantly changing, it is difficult to assess as quickly, on which you type profitable.This forces you to have to bet much on instinct, you should keep in mind. Very good are Live bets – Bet365 and Betfair.

How can I fund certain payments to your sports betting account?

The bookmakers usually have a variety of deposit options in the program in which you often by many not even heard of.Standard are the classic transfer and credit card.

In any case can be recommended:

• Transfer
• Credit card
• Neteller
• Paysafecard
• Paypal
• Moneybookers

The bookmakers are trying to achieve with as many variants each customer and offer his favorite method. However, you should check for any charges. Recommendations are: bet365 and William Hill. These bookmakers are inflows and outflows, regardless of which method (also with credit cards) completely free. If you want her to pay by bank transfer and want to have their money in the account immediately: On the very fastest, according to our experience and withdrawals go at
Interwetten (only takes 2-3 days) – Interwetten is a very popular vendors and sponsors etc. VfB Stuttgart as Bundesliga team.

Winnings and tax exemption

In almost all providers now are the 5% of the introduced in 2013 sports betting tax passed on to the customer (usually is deducted directly from the application, with some only of the profits). No tax is levied only on the few bookmakers, William Hill are the best among them, followed by Ladbrokes. More taxes do not necessarily have to be removed (or similar such thing as a capital gains tax is not it at sports betting profits).

Dear favorite betting or betting underdogs? Favorites make bets in any event more fun – you win more often and you can often bet on your favorite team. Outsider betting vote rarely and are often on teams of which you are not a supporter. After a few wrong tips you are often frustrated.

Minimum and maximum amounts for betting

The minimum bet is between 20 cents and € 1 (20 cents at Bet365, mybet at 25 cents, 50 cents at bwin – here for the complete list). Instead of maximum limits are the bookies winning limits. Betting exchanges offer no limits, since the betting line on supply and demand of the user is determined.Some bookmakers offer winning limits of up to 500,000 € and more (for example, Bet365, Pinnacle). Do you want to play with very high stakes; here are tips for high rollers.
Are there any safe bets?

Yes, there are safe bets. These are the so-called sure-bets.

These occur sporadically and offer; no matter what event it is a sure win. Of course, not a provider will schedule all its quotas / betting outputs so high that you are entering a secure income. Several vendors assess the different teams and give them so different rates.With skilful use of distribution at provider A and B it is for you then no matter, whether as the tennis player X or Y wins.

It is indeed lost the one wrong bet, but the other, right in the case has such a good rate that you will get your total dedication and a small profit.

We recommend sure bets for the following reasons:

• They occur rarely
• There are very high stakes required to retract a few bucks. The margins are usually only in 0.XX% – range. We are talking about several hundred euros or more use to win € 5-10.
• There are many betting accounts also necessary for many smaller bookmakers
• They must all be very fluid and constantly transfer money back and forth.
• If one bookmaker times a bet not accept cancel / when the other competitors elsewhere outputs are placed already, you have a big problem …

The most popular bets in Germany are the football betting.It is offers 70-90% of all bets placed with bwin & Co. on football matches. All of course in the German Bundesliga.Also popular are Champions League, Europa League and international matches with German participation (i.e. friendlies and EM / WM).